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For more than 20 years our family has been breeding, raising and showing registered dairy goats. I obtained my first Toggenburg in 1980 when we lived in NE Texas. Currently we are raising Alpines, Oberhaslis, Toggenburgs, and Nubians.

We are proud of our show quality goats because they exhibit strong dairy character and continue to prove themselves worthy of praise and wins in the show ring every year. We have a beautiful, healthy herd that produces for us an abundant supply of milk.

The overflow of milk we have after feeding the kids has given us an opportunity to enjoy making goat cheeses, kefir, goat milk fudge, goat milk ice cream, goat milk yogurt and our luxury goat milk soap.

It is our continued goal to take the strong genetic traits we have and produce quality show animals with a consistent performance from each generation we breed. It is our normal practice to breed our goats in October of every year. Kids begin arriving in March. We use CAE preventative methods. All kids are removed from their dams at birth and hand-raised on heat-treated colostrums and pasteurized goat milk. We always look forward to each new kid crop every spring.

We are thankful to those who have helped us achieve our goals along the way and to those who have, in the past, purchased our animals. It is because of you that we are able to be successful in all of our caprine dairy endeavors.

If you are interested in purchasing one of our dairy goats, please contact us to discuss your options. It is our desire to help you reach the goals you have set for your herd.

Special People who have helped us along the way:

There are many special people who have helped us along the way in our journey with dairy goats. Each of these people has shown to me their heart for a love of goats and their fellow goat enthusiast. In our book, the goat world is a better place because of them all. I am openly grateful to GOD for HIS blessing of friends !!!

I must begin at the beginning by mentioning my dear friend, B. J. Peters, whom I met in the late 1970’s. At the time, we both lived outside of the small town of Wolfe City, Texas. B.J. raised a herd of wonderful show quality Toggenburg dairy goats. I had no children then and I enjoyed the special blessing of having loads of free time to spend at the farm of my newfound friend who was willing to share her time and knowledge with me. She was my first mentor in learning about goats and she taught me much of what I know about dairy goats today. I am so grateful to her for helping me learn about and then obtain my first goats of beauty and worth. Sadly, these were the animals I lost in the dog attack that occurred shortly after I moved “back home” to Mississippi in 1987. Thank you so much B. J. for all you did for me “way back when”. I never dreamed “back then” how our meeting so many long years ago would influence my life’s journey. I see today, that GOD knew all about it.

In knowing B.J., I came to know Pat Faucet who is instrumental in managing the dairy goat shows of the Pan American Livestock Exposition during the State Fair of Texas in Dallas each year. Pat is a joy to know and we always look forward to attending her shows in Dallas, Texas !! Because of Pat, I feel that I just might one day “grow up to be” the “traveling milk-tester” we talked so much about. 

Words could never express my love and gratitude to our dear friends, Elise Clark and her daughter, Madeleine. They are the reason Sarah was able to become the owner of her first Oberhasli doe named “Kiki”. Elise was also the one who made it possible for Sarah to breed Kiki for her first Oberhasli twin kids. Over the years, Elise has been of great support to us and the dairy industry in Mississippi. Without her, Sarah would not have come to know and admire the Oberhasli breed as she does nor would she have the quality Oberhasli herd she enjoys owning today. Both of these friends gave an extra effort to teach and mentor Sarah into being the most consistent first place Showmanship winner in our neck of the woods. These were invaluable lessons given and we know that “thank you” seems too small of an expression to give for all they have done for us over the years. Needless to say, we do thank both Elise and Madeleine for all of their love and support and close friendship.

I want to express our gratitude to Mike Metzger who is the owner of the New Era herd for meeting us in Louisville, Kentucky in 2003 to pick up Pepsi, who is Sarah’s only purebred Oberhasli doe. How grand it was to meet him in person and to see his beautiful show goats. We feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to obtain this little doe from him. Thank you so much, Mike!!

It is my privilege to say “thank you” to each one of you friends and acquaintances that have helped and encouraged us along the way. We are eternally grateful for your support, friendship and love.

Susan Fitts Davis and Family
Brandon, Mississippi
Email: info@southerntouchfarm.com

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