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Alpine Bucks:

Alpine Reference Bucks:

Delta-Rho Laszlo's Monarch

Delta-Rho Laszlo's Monarch AA1292961     DOB: 2-12-04

SIRE: Willow Run Enigma Laszlo *B AA1272709
     SS: Exemplr Goldengenes Enigma +*B
     SD: GCH Willow Run Armand Laine 1*M
           2-03 L.A. 87 VEVV

Dam: CH Delta-Rho Kay’s Makyla AA1056609
     DS: Lindsey’s AJ Dustybuck
     DD: CH Delta-Rho Kayla’s Mackayla

CH Delta-Rho Kayla’s Mackayla
Monarch's dam Makyla
Show Record:
2004: MDGA Spring Show, MS
         2x1st, 2xGCH Jr. Alpine Buck

We want to express our gratitude once again to Terri and Matthew Dziadkowiec for the opportunity to purchase this buck from them. It is our privilege to have him and we are more than happy with the first crop of kids he has added to our herd in 2005. Monarch has two Jr. Grand Champion legs as a kid. He had some serious competition with some older gentlemen in 2005 and could not compete with the age difference and maturity of the older fellas. He is growing off beautifully in his first year showing much dairy character yet remains manly in his appearance. He is growing to be very tall and has strong legs, pasterns and feet. He is filling out in body depth and width. Rear leg separation and angulations are also very impressive and we see that he passed this trait onto all of his kids born in 2005.

*B Moore’s Meadow Ruff’s Valor

A1351461     DOB: 2-05-05

Sire: *B Willow Run Chevalier Ruffian A1259812
          LA 02-01 89(VEE)
          (All time highest seller ADGA Spotlight Sale)
     SS: Willow Run Achieve Chevalier LA 01-03 83 (+EV)
          SSS: Willow Run Rico Achievement
          SSD: Maple-Glen Classic’s Chelois

     SD: SGCH Willow Run Armand Rishona 3*M LA 04-01 92 (EEEE)
           (4x ADGA National Champion)
          SDS: Willow-Run LA Armand
          SDD: Hidenvaley-Acres Richelle

Dam: GCH Kismets Teak’s Vanna A1084085
          LA 05-01 89(VEVE)
     DS: Iron Rod Kane’s Teak LA 03-01 84 (+EE)
          DSS: New Era’s Kane
          DSD: Hill N Holler Sky Tiliza *M LA: 06-04 89(VEEE)
     DD: Chateau*Briant’s Verona 3*M
          DDS: Hoach’s QAAG Lasabre
          DDD: Chateau*Briant’s Velmint

Linear Appraisal:
2007 02-02 86 (+EV)
Show Record:
2004: 2x 2nd standing under our Togg buck, Famous

When Don and Donna Moore told Sarah they would sell her one of their Ruffian buck kids, I knew we were in for a great boost to our Alpine breeding program. We want to express our gratitude to them both for allowing us to become proud owners of their fine Alpine stock. Thank you so much Don and Donna Moore!

In 2003, Valor's sire, Ruffian, sold for $16.000.00 at ADGA's Spotlight Sale. This is the highest bid in the history of this prestigious event. Valor's granddam, GCH Willow Run Armand Rishona 3*M, is the 2000, 2002, 2003 & 2004 ADGA National Champion Alpine (3x National Alpine Best Udder), with 4 years LA FS 92 (EEEE).

Valor's daughters Mandolyn, Primavera, and Enchanting placed 1st Junior Get at the 2006 Mississippi State Fair. In 2007, we have retained Valor’s Daughter: Southern Touch VPRU Phenomenal.

*B Moore’s-Meadow Ruff N Pindari

A1389196     DOB: 2-25-06

Sire: CH Willow Run Chevalier Ruffian *B (LA 02-01 89VEE)
     SS: Willow Run Achieve Chevalier *B (LA 01-03 83 +EV)
          SSS: Willow Run Rico Achievement +*B
          SSD: Maple-Glen Classic’s Chelois (LA 01-04 83 +V V+)
     SD: SGCH Willow Run Armond Rishona 2*M (LA 04-01 92 EEEE)
               NATL SHOW: GCH in 2004, 2003, 2002, 2000
               SDS: Willow-Run LA Armand ++*B
               SDD: HidenValey-Acres Richelle 1*M

Dam: SGCH Nodaway Friendly Ellie 1*M (LA 05-03 90 EEEE) 
     DS: GCH Nixon’s Dynamite Friendship ++*B (LA 04-00 90 EEV)
          DSS: Nixon’s CD Dynamite +*B (LA 01-07 88 VEV)
          DSD: Nixon’s R/B Blueberry 1+M (LA 03-09 91 EEEE)
     DD: Nodaway Sly Elite (LA 04-03 82 +V V+) 
          DDS: GCH Nodaway Dragon Slayer ++*B (LA 07-02 92 EEE)
          DDD: CH Nodaway NSL Elana (LA 04-02 91 EEEE) 

Linear Appraisal:
2007 01-02 85 (+EV)

SGCH Nodaway Friendly Ellie 1*M
Pindari's Dam:
SGCH Nodaway Friendly Ellie 1*M

We love what Pindari’s dam, SGCH Nodaway Friendly Ellie, has to offer to our herd through her son. Ellie was the AGS National Show Best of Breed Winner in 1999. We also very much appreciate the Nodaway dairy goats and are excited to see some of their genetics in our herd by the addition of Pindari. We once again thank Don and Donna Moore for allowing us to own another of their lovely Alpine dairy goats.

We enjoyed meeting the Waldman's in Indianapolis and appreciate and thank Richard and Rica Waldman of Nodaway French Alpine Herd for the use of their picture and information on the doe Nodaway Friendly Ellie.

Nubian Bucks:

Pruittville's Montana

  N1450024     DOB: 4-10-08

Sire: Pruittville's Legend N001269549
     SS: Wildwood SN Tornado
     SD: Pruittville's Huckleberry

Dam: Pruittville's Nantucket N001231962
     DS: Price O the Field Lizzie's Rex
     DD: Pruittville's Pretty Posie


Kastdemur’s Next Expedition

Kastdemur’s Next Expedition Sire of Prosperity & Lei Lani, Kastdemur’s Next Expedition is sired by Kastdemur’s LE Exacta.

As we studied over the pedigrees of our owned Nubian goats, we note Kastdemur’s LE Exacta is also the sire of our Kastdemur doe named California Cameo. Therefore, Next Expedition and California Cameo are half-brother and sister.

Sire: SG Kastdemur’s LE Exacta +*B (05-02 90 EVE)
     SS: GCH Kastdemur’s MPR Liaison ++*B (06-03 EX91 EEE)
               (2005 Elite Sire 90th Percentile)
          SSS: GCH B.H. Homestead Mark of Prestige ++*B (EX92)
          SSD: GCH Kastdemur’s Royal Romance 2*M (EX90)
     SD: Kastdemur’s CPE No Excuses 4*M (02-01 89 VEEE)
          SDS: Kastdemur’s Crown Prince ++*B
          SDD: GCH Kastdemur’s Crown Extatic 3*M (EX92)

Dam: SGCH Kastdemur’s Next Exit (04-02 90 +EEE)
     DS: SG Kastdemur’s LH Full Service ++*B (02-05 91 EEE)
          DSS: Kastdemur’s MPR Liason ++*B (90EX) 
          DSD: GCH Kastdemur’s HCK Hailey 3*M
     DD: Kastdemur’s CPE No Explanation 4*M (02-01 84 VVE+)

Also, we observed that the doe CatchMeIfYouCan is a daughter of LE Exacta.
CatchMe is the dam of our doe, Dazzle Me. We recognize Kastdemur’s LA Exacta has a strong influence in our herd as he is the sire of:
1. Catch Me if You Can who is the Dam of our own Kastdemur doe, Dazzle Me
California Cameo – our own Kastdemur doe from the Senns
3. Next Expedition - sire of
Prosperity & Lei Lani.

As we look over our pedigrees, we noted that Kastdemur’s MPR Liason is the sire of two Kastdemur bucks named LE Exacta and Full Service – so they are paternal brothers. Full Service is the grandsire of our owned Kastdemur doe, Dazzle Me (whose sire is Full Disclosure) so she is influenced genetically by Liason on both top and bottom of her pedigree. These facts should make for some entertaining study and adventure in line-breeding.

I invite you to take a look at the pictures of some of the Kastdemur does who appear on the sire’s pedigree of Pruittville’s Prosperity and Lei Lani.

Kastdemur's CPE No Explanation
Kastdemur's CPE No Explanation
SGCH Kastdemur's Next Exit
SGCH Kastdemur's Next Exit
Kastdemur's CPE No Excuses
Kastdemur's CPE No Excuses
GCH Kastdemur's Crown Extatic
GCH Kastdemur's Crown Extatic
GCH Kastdemur's HCK Haily
GCH Kastdemur's HCK Haily

Pictures of Kastdemur Nubians are used with permission from Karen, Krista and Erica Senn
who are the owners of the Kastdemur Nubian herd in California

Sarah and I want to express our heartfelt appreciation to both the Senns and the Pruitts for allowing Sarah the opportunity to obtain ownership of their beautiful Nubians. Thank you so much for putting your trust in us to continue developing your proven and established lines here at Southern Touch Farm!

Pictures of Kastdemur Nubians are used with permission from Karen, Krista and Erica Senn who are the owners of the Kastdemur Nubian herd in California

Nubian Reference Bucks:

Heritage Oaks Giselle Pharaoh

Heritage Oaks Giselle Pharaoh N1299974     DOB: 1-18-04

Sire: Moore’s Meadow Rowdy Sensation *B
     SS: Moore’s Meadow CHB Kays Rowdy *B
     SD: GCH Oak-Gold Significant Seaona 6*M

Dam: Moore’s Meadow Rowdy Giselle N1192571
     DS: Moore’s Meadow CHB Kays Rowdy *B
     DD: Moore’s Meadow Ginger

(Pharaoh pictured as a kid, Fall 2004)

Linear Appraisal:
2-04 V 87(VVE)

Additional genetic influences seen on the pedigree of Pharaoh include: Manges-Colony and Crown Hill.

We thank Kathy Davis for purchasing this buck.

Oberhasli Bucks:

Southern Touch SBR Bay Pointe

  AB1442096     DOB: 3--7-08

Sire: GGG Anadom Cold Stone
     SS: King's-Magic TS Easter Domingo
     SD: GGG Calycamp Anansi

Dam: SGCH The Southern Touch CCM Bay Rum
     DS: GGG Calycamp Captain Morgan
     DD: The Ahava CA Blythe


Southern Touch BPK Flashpointe

  AB1495650     DOB: 3-18-09

Sire: Southern Touch SBR Bay Pointe
     SS: GGG Anadom Cold Stone
     SD: SGCH The Southern Touch CCM Bay Rum

Dam: Southern Touch B Kiki's Ketura
     DS: Southern Touch XBR Bonus
     DD: The Ahava's DC Sakura


Welbian-Farm's SDHOT Provision

  AB1459991     DOB: 4-04-08

Sire: Sparkling Acres BT Hot Shot
     SS: Tonka Tails Highland Regiment
     SD: Sparkling Acres Jingling Twist

Dam: Devonshire MF Finesse
     DS: Devonshire FH Fiasco
     DD: Devonshire RK Minuette


Southern Touch XBR Bonus

AB1352734     DOB: 3-09-05

Sire: Catoico’s WB Xplosive *B
     SS: Catoico’s Willow Bay *B
     SD: Catoico’s Xpress

Dam: SGCH The Southern Touch CCM Bay Rum
     DS: GGG Calycamp Captain Morgan *B
     DD: THE AHAVA’s CA Blythe

Linear Appraisal:
2-01 88 (VEE)

Bonus's daughters Brandy Wine, Bay Laurel, and Shantilly placed 1st Junior Get at the 2006 Mississippi State Fair.

Oberhasli Reference Bucks:

Catoico’s LA Exposed *B

B1246858     DOB: 2-04-02
Purebred Oberhasli

Sire: Meadowsong Levi Amos *B
     SS: Meadowsong Alec Levi
     SD: Lady-Bug Rugged Amalthea 8*M

Dam: GCH Penjac Xcept 3*M
     DS: Monarch-Hills R&R Rexxen 
     DD: Dynasty PPMB Xcess Xception 2 2*M

Catoico’s WB Xplosive *B

B1314968     DOB: 3-30-04
Purebred Oberhasli

Sire: Catoico’s Willow Bay *B
     SS: Catoico’s Summer Day +*B
     SD: Catoico’s Whispering Willow 1*M

Dam: Catoico’s Express
     DS: Catoico’s Summer Son
     DD: GCH Penjac Xcept 3*M

*B Tonka-Tails Rae of Stonehenge

American Oberhasli     DOB: 4-21-03

Sire: *B Loughlin's Playing With Fire
     SS: *B Willow Run Cayenne Herod
     SD: GCH Body-Shops MCB Raisin 3*M

Dam: GCH Tonka-Tails Kendall Rae 8*M
         LA: 5-06 91 (EEEE)
         DHIR: 4-02 305 1920 4.1 78 3.1 60
         5-00 305 2064 4.4 90 3.6 60
         Top Ten 2001 & 2002
         2001 National GCH & BU 
         2000, 2002 Reserve National GCH
     DS: GCH+*B Tonka Tails Court Jester
           5-04 91 (EEE)
     DD: GCH Body Shops Blueberry Dumpling 7*M
           7-07 91 (EEEE)
           DHIR: 6-00 298 2021 3.7 75 3.6 73
           1999 National GCH & BU
           1998 National Reserve GCH & Reserve BU

Southern Touch XPI Xhibition

B1351179     DOB: 3-25-05
Purebred Oberhasli

Sire: Catoico’s WB Xplosive *B
     SS: Catoico’s Willow Bay *B
     SD: Catoico’s Xpress

Dam: The Dusty Knee’s Pepsi
     DS: New-Era Nick’s Razz 
     DD: New-Era Davids Peggy

The Morgan E Gallant

The Morgan E Gallant AB1376427     DOB: 2-15-06

Sire: GGG Anadom Cold Stone
     SS: King's-Magic TS Easter Domingo ++*B
     SD: CH GGG Calycamp Anansi

Dam: The AHAV Bouncing Estelle
     DS: GGG Calycamp Captain Morgan *B
     DD: The AHAVA CD Bouncing Bet

Once again, we are honored to recognize Elise Clark as the breeder of this lovely buck kid and appreciate her continued efforts to support and help us in the development of the Oberhasli herd here on our farm. Thank You, Elise!!!

Thank you to the Maus family of Florida for purchasing this Oberhasli buck.

GGG Calycamp Captain Morgan *B

GGG Calycamp Captain Morgan AB1248423     DOB: 3-29-02

Sire: SG Echo-Hollow’s TS Campanero
SS: Body–Shops HMT Tomatillos
          SSS: Lyme Kiln S M Hans Michael
          SSD: Body-Shops F Kaie’s Taco
     SD: Echo-Hollow’s Delights Hally
          SDS: Lyme KilnS M Hans Michael
          SDD: Echo Hollow’s Delight

Dam: GCH GGG Domchin Calypso 2*M
DS: King’s-Magic TS Easter Domingo
          DSS: Body-Shops HMT Tomatillo
          DSD: Jerliska Acres Dream’s Easter
     DD: Terabithia GGG China
          DDS: Pan’s-Pride MB/A Antares
          DDD: Spinwood Chocolate’s Cherry

Morgan is such an excellent Oberhasli herd buck! He has improved our line of Oberhasli dairy goats tremendously. He is the sire to Bay Rum and Bayberry and we can testify to the fact that they and their off-spring for three generations have been true show-stoppers! Elise Clark, we thank you again!!

You will note that the sire of Kallista and Bay Rum Cake is Gallant who is a Morgan grandson.

GGG Anadom Cold Stone


Cold Stone is on lease to us through the ever present generosity of Elise Clark. He and Bonus are the Bucks we used to produce our Oberhasli kids born in 2008. Once again, Thank You, Elise! 

Sire: King’s-Magic TS Easter Domingo ++*B (LA 7-03 88 (VEE)
     SS: SG Body-Shops HMT Tomatillos ++*B
          SSS: Lyme Kiln S M Hans Michael
               SSSS: Keeptryst Myrddin
               SSSD: Lyme Kiln K. Kit’s Sage
          SSD: Body-Shops F Katie’s Taco
               SSDS: Seneca Valley’s Felix
               SSDD: Wil-Mar Hill’s Katie
     SD: GCH Jerliska Acres Dream’s Easter 3*M
          SDS: Suzie’s Sofine
               SDSS: Seneca Valley’s Hedrick
               SDSD: Suzie’s Big Black Shimeah
          SDD: Jerliska Acres Khan’s Dream
               SDDS: Suzie’s Wrath of Khan
               SDDD: Jerliska Acres Dreams Image

Dam: CH GGG Calycamp Anansi KA 2-03 84 (+VE+)
     DS: SG Echo-Hollow’s TS Campanero +B
          DSS: SG Body-Shops HMT Tomatillos
               DSSS: Lyme Kiln S M Hans Michael
               DSSD: Body-Shops F Katie’s Taco
          DSD: Echo-Hollow’s Delight’s Hally
               DSDS: Lyme Kiln S M Hans Michael
               DSDD: Echo Hollow’s Delight
     DD: GCH GGG Domchin Calypso 2*M LA 6-03 87 (VEEV)
          DDS: King’s-Magic TS Easter Domingo +*B
               DDSS: SG Body-Shops HMT Tomatillos
               DDSD: Jerliska Acres Dream’s Easter
          DDD: Terabithia GGG China
               DDDS: Pan’s-Pride MB/A Antares
               DDDD: Spinwood Chocolate’s Cherry

Toggenburg Bucks:

Southern Touch CGG Geeardo

  T1495617     DOB: 4-01-09

Sire: Tivio Farm CR Southern Charmer
     SS: Tivio Farm DC Regal Flush
     SD: Tivio Farm MM Janell

Dam: Moore's-Meadow RMR Golly Gee
     DS: Rowe's Maestro Roger
     DD: Moore's Meadow PT Good Golly


Moore's-Meadow TENFREZ Fairfax

  T1443036     DOB: 03-21-08

Sire: Pindell's EFX Tennessee
     SS: Pindell's PRHC EFX
     SD: Pindell's DDW Tatting

Dam: Whisper'N'Pines NS Freeza
     DS: Nimrodel Sausalito
     DD: Whisper'n'Pines WNPJ Footloose


Tivio Farm CR Southern Charmer

  AT1443038     DOB: 2-23-08

Sire: Tivio Farm DC Regal Flush
     SS: Dionysius CC's Chivas Regal
     SD: Lin-Farm Sady

Dam: Tivio Farm MM Janell
     DS: The Rose Hill A-LMR Mighty Max
     DD: Tivio Farm UJ Jolie


Rowe’s Maestro Roger *B

T1296477    DOB: 2-14-04

Sire: GCH Canyon-View Mary’s Maestro ++*B (LA 07-02 91 EEE)
          Maestro Bred to GCH Rowe’s Fenix Rosebud produced *B Rowe’s 
          Maestro Ranger who was the highest selling animal @ $5000.00 at the 2000
          ADGA Spotlight Sale. 
          Maestro was Premier Toggenburg Sire at 4 California State Fairs from 1999-2000. 
          1999 National Premier Sire.
     SS: Dionysius Carmela’s San Martin ++*B (LA 3-05 88 VEV)
          SSS: GCH Swiss Chocolate Rocky Road ++*B
          SSD: GCH “Imagining” Carmela 5*M (AI)
     SD: GCH Canyon-View Mary inthe Morning 4*M (LA 02-03 92 EEEE) 
               (Lifetime Milking Record: 20,460M) 
               National Show: 2nd 2 yr.old, 1st 3yr.old, 2nd 4 yr.old
          SDS: Nimrodel Spice’s Royal Whiskey *B (LA 01-05 85 +VE) 
          SDD: Canyon-View Rye’s Shadow (LA 05-02 90 (VEEE) (3490M)

Dam: GCH Rowe’s Minuteman Rosette 6*M (LA 08-06 90 VEEE)
     DS: GCH Canyon-View Chance Minute Man ++*B (LA 06-02 89 VEE)
          DSS: Sunshine Carly Chance ++*B (LA 04-04 91 EEE)
          DSD: GCH Canyon-View Mary inthe Morning 4*M (LA 02-03 92 EEEE) (3470M) 
     DD: GCH Rowe’s Fenix Rosebud 5*M (LA10-03 90 EEEE)
               Rosebud is the Dam of Rowe’s Maestro Ranger who topped the 
               2000 ADGA Spotlight Sale @ $5000.00. 
          DDS: SGCH Whisper’N’Pines MDKP Fenix +*B
               DDSS: GCH Mount Douglas Key Principle ++B (LA 04-05 EX90)
               DDSD: GCH Whisper'N'Pines Francine (LA 08-04 EX 91)(3010M)
          DDD: Cedar Hollow Titan Remembrance 4*M (LA 9-03 90 EEEV)
               DDDS: GCH Cedar Hollow Titan +*B (LA 07-02 91 EEE)
                    DDDSS: GCH Swiss Chocolate Rocky Road ++*B
                    DDDSD: GCH Cedar Hollow Paragon 2*M
               DDDD: GCH Cedar Hollow Paradox's Xpresso (LA 04-02 91 EEVE)
                    DDDDS: GCH Jesus Way Toad’s LSJ Mesach
                    DDDDD: GCH Cedar Hollow Paradox 2*M

GCH Canyon-View Mary’s Maestro ++*B
GCH Canyon-View Mary’s Maestro ++*B

GCH Canyon-View Mary inthe Morning 4*M
GCH Canyon-View Mary inthe Morning 4*M

GCH Rowe’s Minuteman Rosette 6*M
GCH Rowe’s Minuteman Rosette 6*M

GCH Rowe’s Fenix Rosebud 5*M
GCH Rowe’s Fenix Rosebud 5*M

It is hard to express how excited Sarah was to find out that Roger would be available for her purchase from the Moore’s in November of 2007. We have to give Don and Donna Moore another huge thank you for their help to secure such find foundation stock for our Toggenburg herd. Roger is such a wonderful buck! His personality is gentle and he thinks he is little bitty and can still fit into your lap but in reality, he is huge and must settle for our hand pats and rubs. He is a beautiful buck! We are more than privileged to have him here with us.

I contacted Dr. Joan Dean Rowe to let her know that Roger was now living with us and she has given us permission to use her pictures on our webpage for reference so I’d like to tell her thank you. We had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Rowe face to face while she was here judging a 4-H show in February of 2008. 

Toggenburg Reference Bucks:

*B Tivio Farm DC Regal Flush (AI)

AT1404987     DOB: 4-17-07
Linear Appraisal:
1-01 +EV 84

Flush is listed on the USDA Young Sire Program in 2007
ETA: 38 47

Sire: GCH Dionysius Cici’s Chivas Regal ++*B (05-04 87VVV)
     SS: GCH Swiss Chocolate Rocky Road ++*B (84 +VV)
          SSS: Sunshine Zeanna Zenith ++B (84 V++)
               SSSS: Sunshine Photopia’s Pharoh II ++*B
                    SSSSS: Diamond Sunshine Keystone ++*B
                    SSSSD: Diamond Sunshine Photopia
               SSSD: Sunshine Tactician Zeanna 4*M
                    SSSDS: Diamond Sunshine Tactician ++*B
                    SSSDD: Diamond Sunshine Zinnia
          SSD: GCH Silmaril M. Carissa (89 VEVV) *M
               SSDS: Sunshine Calia’s Messanger
                    SSDSS: Diamond Sunshine Keystone ++*B
                    SSDSD: Diamond Sunshine Calia
               SSDD: Hazelmere Acres Aralia
                    SSDDS: Bellflower Branwell
     SD: GCH Sierra Hills Cici 4*M (90 VEEE) 
          SDS: El HA-Tomada Taco ++*B
               SDSS: Sunny Oak Champion +*B
                    SDSSS: K-Lou Jeramiah
                    SDSSD: K-Lou Wennie
               SDSD: LTM Acres Dentyne 3*M 
                    SDSDS: Goat City Thorin
                    SDSDD: K-Lou Wennie
          SDD: Law-Zel S.H. Bouquet 3*M
               SDDS: Law-Zel Quarter Back *B
                    SDDSS: Law-Zel F.M. Touch Down
                    SDDSD: Law-Zel Jerri
               SDDD: Law-Zel Jerri 2*M
                    SDDDS: Rio Linda F.P. Tackle
                    SDDDD: Law-Zel Jimmie

Dam: SGCH Lyn-Farm Sady *M 2006 USDA Elite doe Top 5% (LA 3-07 91 VEEE)
          2004 –D5 Togg Specialty – GCH, BUB, BOB
          Her son, Flush, is on the 2007 Young Sire Summary
          PTI: 206 200
          DHIR: 3-04 212 2360 84 3.6%
     DS: Midwest-Meadows Rainman *B
          DSS: Midwest-Meadows Star Pistachio *B (Polled)
               DSSS: Midwest-Meadows Iowa Honeytree
                    DSSSS: SG Midwest-Meadows Mahogany
                    DSSSD: SG Midwest-Meadows Honey Mesquite
               DSSD: SGCH Midwest-Meadows Star Nicotiana
                    DSSDS:SG Midwest-Meadows Mahogany
                    DSSDD: Midwest-Meadows Star Jasmine (Polled)
          DSD: Midwest-Meadows Madonna Lily 6*M
               DSDS: SG Midwest-Meadows Joe-Pye
                    DSDSS: Midwest-Meadows Shag Hickory
                    DSDSD: SG Midwest Meadows Bougainvillea 4*M
               DSDD: Midwest Meadows Zenobia
                    DSDDS: Midwest Meadows Tupelo ++*B (2-03 88 VEV)(Polled)
                    DSDDD: Midwest Meadows Yulan
     DD: Mulberry-Meadows FP Lacy Lady
          DDS: Midwest-Meadows Finocchio *B
               DDSS: Midwest-Meadows Dusty Miller
                    DDSSS: Midwest-Meadows Citron
                    DDSSD: Midwest-Meadows Calathea
               DDSD: Midwest Meadows Zenobia
                    DDSDS: Midwest Meadows Tupelo ++*B
                    DDSDD: Midwest Meadows Yulan
          DDD: Mulberry-Meadows Philadendron
               DDDS: The Noelck SP Lacy Ladd
                    DDDSS: Hedgewood Snowpizza
                    DDDSD: The Noelck Mt Linn Lacy
               DDDD: The Noelck Mt Linn Lady
                    DDDDS: Heaven’s Sweetwater Mt Shane
                    DDDDD: Noelck M Legacy Linn

Over the last several years we have been able to attend the annual Mid-South Fair show held in Memphis, TN each fall. It is during this event that Sarah and I have had the pleasure of enjoying the acquaintance of Kaye White, owner of Tivio Farm in Arkansas. This has allowed me the express opportunity of being able to be in the presence of these two top competitors (Kaye and Sarah) as they encourage, challenge, and support each other inside and outside of the show arena. As the friendships have grown I can tell there exists a mutual admiration for the animals they both have been able to produce as well as a mutual respect for each other as breeders and successful exhibitors of their dairy goats. In my book, they have what I deem to be the perfect balance of a friendship in the midst of some serious competition at the shows. You couldn’t ask for anything better when it comes to having fun at a show!

To see an excellent example of the impressive Toggenburgs raised by Kaye, please take a look at the information found for the young buck named Flush. Sarah is delighted to have obtained him from Kaye. Flush has so much going for him already because before he was a year old, he had been listed on the 2007 USDA Young Sire Program! Just take a look at his sire and dam and you can see why Sarah is very happy to have brought Tivio Farm DC Regal Flush home to live with us here at Southern Touch Farm in January 2008. Thank you so very much, Kaye! (Susan 2008)

Moore’s-Meadow PT Famous

T1322572     DOB: 10-30-04

Sire: Pindell’s EFX Tennessee *B
     SS: CH Pindell’s PRHC EFX *B
     SD: GCH Pindell’s DDW Tatting 9*M

Dam: GCH Whisper’ N ‘ Pines NS Freeza 5*M
LA 4-02 90 (VEEE)
     DS: Nimrodel Sausalito ++*B
     DD: Whisper’ N ‘ Pines WNPJ Footloose 4*M
           LA 8-10 91 EEEE

Linear Appraisal:
3-07 VEV 87
Show Record:
2005: MDGA & MGA Spring Shows
         2x1st, 1xGCH Jr. Buck
2006: 2 x RCH
2007: 1x1st with GCH AOP; 1x2nd with RGCH AO
         placing under his son Landmark

After obtaining our beautiful Nubians from Donna and Don Moore of Moore’s Meadow in Alvarado, Texas in the fall of 2004, we were given the grand opportunity to purchase “Famous” from them in the early part of 2005. We are so pleased and excited about adding Famous to our herd. He is definitely an improvement in the stock and we look forward to seeing his kids in 2006!!

Famous's daughters Narah, Nanni, and Aliza Jane placed 1st Junior Get at the 2006 Mississippi State Fair.

Moore's-Meadow WCM Alliance

AT1388126     DOB: 6-07-06

Sire: Welbian-Farm's Cav's Maddox
     SS: SG Stonybrook Cavalier ++*B (LA 04-04 86 +E+)
          SSS: GCH Stonybrook Jester ++*B (LA 04-04 88 +EE) 
          SSD: Stonybrook Celebration 5*M (LA 6-05 88 VVE+)
     SD: SGCH Welbian-Farm's Whin's Madison (LA 05-04 93 EEEE) '04 National GCH
          SDS SGCH Sun-Kissed RAZZDDW Whinchezter ++*B (LA 06-03 92EEEE)
               SDD: SGCH Sun-Kissed LRJAZZ Tanisioux 5*M (LA 03-10 90 VEEE)

Dam: Willow Run Andrew Hot to Trot
     DS: Cherry Glen Tristin Andrew *B
          DSS: GCH Little*Creek LCTT Tristin +B (LA 03-03 88 VEE)
          DSD: GCH Krystal-Kreek Wrevenge Amelia 1*M (LA 06-03 93 EEEE)
     DD: GCH Willow Run Corner Hot Spell 5*M (LA 05-02 90 EEEE) '04 National RGCH
          DDS: SG Krystal-Kreek WREV Cornerstone +B (LA 03-03 90 EEE)
          DDD: Willow Run Locksmith Hot Spot 4*M (01-09 82 ++++)

Pindell’s EFX Tennessee *B
Owned by Don and Donna Moore of Moore’s Meadows, Alvarado, Texas

LA: 2-02 90 EEE

Sire: CH Pindell’s PRHC EFX *B
     SS: Pasha Regal Hostess Cupcake +*B
     SD: Pindell’s PSC Eligance 3*M

Dam: GCH Pindell’s DDW Tatting 9*M T0975076
        LA: 8-05 92 EEEE
     DS: Dairy Delight HAC Whintin ++*B
           LA: 6-08 92 EEE
     DD: Pindell’s PRHC Taffeta 8*M

Springbriar SAK Sudden Impact


Sire: Springbriar HAA Kalif *B
     SS: Hoosier Acres Ashley *B
     SD: GCH Springbriar DDC Falamity 3*M

Dam: Springbriar SKN Parity
     DS: Springbriar SAK Nada *B
     DD: Springbriar SHR Jalamity 4*M

Southern Touch Famous Landmark

T1362779     DOB: 3-16-06

Sire: CH Moore's-Meadow PT Famous
          LA 1-07 88 (VEV)
     SS: Pindell's EFX Tennessee *B LA 2-02 90 (EEE)
     SD: GCH Whisper'N'Pines NS Freeza 5*M
               LA 4-02 90 (VEEE)

Dam: GCH Show-Me LOR Opera's Opulence 1*M
          LA 3-02 89(VEVE)
     DS: Legendairy Osage Raphael +*B
     DD: Show-Me MDKP Ozark Opera

Linear Appraisal:
2007 1-02 87 VE+
Show Record:
2007: 2x1st with GCH and Best Buck in Show

We are very pleased with the look and style of this little buck. Our story of owning Opulence, the dam of Landmark, is a long one. I call her our “Black Beauty” for I believe her history is one of much to tell if she could only talk. We suspect Opulence came to us as a gift tucked away in the body of a goat. She is a gorgeous doe to say the least but alas, she has been a very reluctant breeder and we had just about determined she would never breed for us. Then, in the Spring of 2006, we saw that our patience had paid off again when Opulence presented us with one lone buck kid we named Landmark. The birth was difficult for Opulence and so, we will not try to breed her again. She has moved into retirement along with our old lady Maggie.

Landmark died suddenly in January of 2008. We were so disappointed and thankful that we have some more of his wonderful genetics and beauty still here in his son’s and daughters! 

Susan Fitts Davis and Family
Brandon, Mississippi
Email: info@southerntouchfarm.com

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