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It was in 1987 that I lost my small herd of dairy goats to a thirteen-member dog pack attack. Those dogs got all of my chickens too, of course. This was a horrible experience and one that I determined would never happen to me again. I thought, at the time, that I was simply not going to keep goats as part of our small farm operation. Then, I found out about Livestock Guardian Dogs. What new hope I had. I read, researched, studied and ventured forth to find my first Great Pyrenees Livestock Guardian Dog.

It didn’t take me long to find our first little puppy, a five-week-old female we named Grace. Over the years Grace proved herself to be invaluable. How we loved that dog. We later purchased a huge, gorgeous male that we named Judgment.  We called him “Judge.” These two gave us three litters of puppies. Grace is pictured below with one of her litters:

Grace with puppies by Judge

We then got a new female to help out our aging Judge and named her Emma. Emma and Judge produced one litter of puppies for us at the end of 2004. Our Sweet Girl Emma, loved to go visiting every evening to check on those she protected. Emma was the best protector and such a sweet spirit. I miss her still to this day.

Emma with some of her puppies by Judge
Emma with her puppies by Judge
Emma checks on miniature horse
Emma's evening visit

 We retained a male (Wrath) and a female (Mercy) from this breeding and they worked beautifully beside their sire and dam. They left their watch over our herd in 2012

wrath 200h

This picture is bitter sweet for me, taken of Mercy and Wrath. We had just arrived home after learning of Mercy’s cancer. Wrath sensed something was wrong and never left her side. They were not only devoted to their livestock family but to each other; their teamwork was unmatched!

Mercy and Wrath

In 2013, we brought into our lives a new generation of Great Pyrenees. Their names are Umbria (Bree) and Dominion (Dom). We couldn’t live without a Great Pyrenees.

Bree and Dom Bree and Dom Bree and Dom

 Above: Bree and Dom when they arrived at Southern Touch Farm.
Below: Umbria and Dominion all grown up.

 Umbria and Dominion as adults

windows of soul

“Eyes are the windows into the soul.”

I believed, with just one look into the
eyes of these magnificent dogs!

Our farm is complete with the faithful
watch of our beloved Pyrenees.

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